Saturday, March 28, 2009

Key West, Florida

We found a nice RV area called Sigsbee. It is very cheap, nice and we are right on the Gulf of Mexico. We’ve done a lot in the 8 days we stayed here. For instance, once dad rented a boat and drove ten miles out to Sand Key. I got my snorkel and my fins on and hopped in. The water was great, but it was really deep. I swam in toward the lighthouse a little more and then everything came up. I saw the coral, the fish, the schools, everything. There were Squirrel Fish, French Angelfish, and Barracudas too. It was beautiful.

Another time we went on a bike ride to a state park. It was sweet snorkeling off the beach because there was a whole school of minnows. After that we got to ride down a bike path and see what I would call silly. It was “art” as mom called it. There were huts made out of salt, and boat rudders sticking out of the ground. If you ask me though, the washed-up coral on the beach was cooler to look at. Then we watched the sun set and went home.

The next day we went to the southernmost point in the United States. We took some pictures there, and then went to Mel Fisher’s Museum. Mel Fisher is a guy who found a sunken Spanish ship with 300 mil dollars inside of it. It talked about how he hung in there and kept looking even when no one could find it.

Then we went to Mallory Square. There were all kinds of different street performers….ones with 15 foot unicycles, ones juggling 5 lit torches, and my favorite, there was one who juggled a machete, hand grenade, and a running chainsaw! Then he lay down on a real bed of nails! Just yesterday we went to a roller-blading rink and played street hockey. Later!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Key Largo, Florida

March 18
We got to the Keys and immediately got our snorkels out. Then we rented fins and started at the beach. Even there we saw parrot fish and we even saw a barracuda. I didn’t know it was a barracuda, so I chased it all over the shallow beach water. After that we went home and did some school, then went over to a boat so we could snorkel at a reef. It took a good half-hour to get there, but it was worth it. When you were above the water it was beautiful and bright, bright blue. But when you jumped in, it was something else.

The first thing I saw was a conch shell, and even though you weren’t supposed to, dad picked up a conch shell and flipped it over. It was white and hard, and rough on the outside, but on the inside it was orange and pink and very beautiful. We saw all different kind of schools on Grecian Reef. There I could see barracudas the size of me, and parrot fish as colorful as a rainbow. I saw lots of dark green brain coral and now I know why they call it that. We saw a stingray and some people even saw an eel. It took another half hour to get back and now we are going to the next Key. Later!

March 16
We stayed at the campground for a while, and then went to another one called C.B. Smith near Miami. It was a great park also. We got electricity, water, and we could dump all the crap we made. We also went golfing a lot.

One day we went down to South Beach and boy you should see the girls there!! Anyway, we met some of my uncle’s friends named Mrs. Judy and Mr. Pascal. They have two great kids named Luc and Lea (Like star wars!) Luc was 7 and Lea was 4. They were really nice and were fun to hang out with at the beach. After they left, we took a walk through the city and every third car was a mustang, or a porch, or mercedes! It was amazing!

After that night we went to another very hospitable person’s house, named Col. Tio. He was my dad’s boss back in his military days. He has a beautiful house with a swimming pool and cold Jacuzzi. Col. Tio also has a very nice wife named Mrs. Sol. Then their grand kids came and we got to play with them too! We had a great dinner and I loved the plantains.

After that we went to Mrs. Judy’s and Mr. Pascal’s house. They too had a beautiful house with a swimming pool, and they gave us lunch and some snorkeling gear for the Keys. Now we are driving to the Keys. See ya’LJ

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Long Point County Park, FL

March 6
We are still at this little campground, but we moved to a different spot. We are right on the water, and across a river is a deserted island. So we blew up our kayak and rowed on over there with our camping gear. We made our selves dinner, slept in the tent, then had breakfast and returned to the RV. The next day we did school and school and school. Sometimes we go to the beach for our break, but school is getting annoying. Bye!!!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sebastian Inlet, Florida

March 1
Now we are at this nice little campground, doing school and playing at the beach. I got up on a surf board a couple of times, and now we’re going out to buy a board. We went to and island called Boy Scout Island yesterday and now we’re thinking about sneaking out there and camping for the night in our tent. We do a fair amount of school, but boy is Calvert demanding! We take breaks though, and oh yeah, if any of you need a good book, William W. Johnstone is your man. Read any of his series, The Last Gunfighter, The Last Mountain Man, or Ashes. They are all great books. See you around.

Feb 26
The next couple of days we just did school, the ocean and the pool. After that though we went to a great little beach house and we all shared it together with Nana and Poppa. We all had our own bed, and we were even closer to the beach than last time! We did school, the ocean and talked with Nana and Poppa. But the most fun thing we did was go to Kennedy Space Center.

Kennedy Space Center is an actual space center still going! We got to see movies. We read information about the place. You could see the takeoff spots, different jobs there and you can even do a simulator! It is awesome!
A couple of days later Nana and Poppa went home, and then dad left for a doctor’s appointment. We went back in the RV today, and Mom is picking up Dad at the airport. Well, bye.

Feb 19
The first day we got to Cocoa Beach we went in the SUV for the day to find where my dad’s parents will stay. It took the whole day, but we found a very nice beach house for Nana and Poppa. So after that we went to a cute little campground where we stayed. It was very nice, and we had lots of things to do. There was a nature pond, fishing, lots of ant hills to crash, and we even saw 2 wild dolphins! But we did do a lot of school. After 3 days we came and parked our rig in the parking lot in front of the beach house. We did school there while dad went to the airport to find Nana and Poppa. When they came we said hello and went down to the beach together. My brothers and I went boogie boarding while Nana, Poppa, Mom, and Dad talked. Then we went down to the pool and played with our two new friends, Jake and Alex from Maine. Now we are eating dinner in the beach house. See you later!