Sunday, April 19, 2009

Florida, Tennessee, and Alabama

April 15, 2009

After Dry Tortugas we drove and drove and drove. We finally came to Mr. Pascal’s and Mrs. Judy’s house. They were the nice people who I met at South Beach. We swam in their pool, used their wifi, and played with their children, Luc and Lea. We stayed there for one day, then, even when we didn’t want to, we left the house, and then Miami. We drove a little west, and then hit the Everglades. We went on a wind boat tour, which was very cool. We saw alligators, painted turtles and egrets. It was very cool, and I got to hold an alligator named Larry!

After that we went into Brandon to go house- hunting. We looked and looked, and I got to tell you, Florida is not my state. It is too warm and crowded. That evening we stopped at Mrs. Ann and Mr. Jim’s house. They have a pool with a water slide, and that sure kept me busy for a while. Then we ate dinner, watched a movie and had some wonderful Key Lime Pie. The next day we went to an ice rink in Brandon. It wasn’t bad, but I still like Alaska more.

We stopped at the Yogi Bear Campground in Northern Florida. It had a pool, a movie theater, and a water slide 60 ft. high! We stayed there for a while, celebrating Easter Sunday, going to an outside church, then going to the airport to get my cousin Tucker!

We drove a long way, and then finally saw Tucker again! It was awesome! He came back with us and we stopped at another campground for two days. We went to Look Out Mountain.

That is another place where people fought for freedom in the Civil War. We got to hike up it, and broke some rules and went off the trail. I even climbed in a cave and crawled through a tiny cavern, through the mountain, and reappeared on the other side. After that we went and got some dinner at a restaurant in Chattanooga, and went home. Now we are in Huntsville Alabama, and tomorrow we are going to Space Camp! Bye!

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