Friday, January 23, 2009

North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia


The next day we started heading out. It didn’t take long for my dad to spot out another museum. It was about special ops and sky diving. We watched a movie about them both and then went on a simulator. I’ve got to admit, it wasn’t that bad. Anyway we had a long drive ahead of us.
We drove to South Carolina. We got there and said hi to Mr. Miles and Mrs. Laura. We stayed there for a couple of days and got a tour of where Mr. Miles worked. He works as a professional chef teaching college students how to cook.
We went into town one day and stopped at a friend’s who used to live in Alaska named Nick. We also played with his little brother, Adam. We had fun playing risk with Nick and tag with Adam.
Then we went and drove near Atlanta, Georgia. My Dad has another college buddy over there. When we arrived it was dark, but I still saw some people standing outside. Dad rolled down his window and he looked like he was happy, so I assumed it was the Turko family he was telling us about. My Dad and Mr. Turko went in while and Robby and I gave their two kids, Chris and Robbie a tour of our coach. (Robbie and Robby started confusing us, so our Robby is Robby1 and theirs is Robbie2). Their daughter was on her very first skiing trip.

They were very nice kids and we went into their house so they could give us a tour. Then we went to play in there rec. room and played some more until Dad said it is time to sleep. We stayed up till at least 1:00 A.M.. The next day we got up, ate breakfast, and went to Chris’s basketball game. He was very good and a lot better than me. Same with Robbie, because we went to his game next. After that we went to a big monument called Stone Mountain. It was only 500 ft. high, but it was still fun. The next day my mom said that we were to leave today, but after a while, she said we could stay another night since Dad was working on a project there. The next day we could only play a little with Robbie2 and Chris. Then Mom told me it was time to leave. We drove out and headed south for 6 hours and finally we are in Florida! Bye!

Jan 15
We drove for a couple hours, then stopped at a campground and hit the sheets. The next day we did some school and when we were about to have lunch a friend my dad invited named Mr. Dennis came over. We gave him a tour and guess what, he invited us to dinner! We thanked him, he left, and we did more school.

When we got to his house we were introduced to his son at age 14 named Adam. He was really nice and told us about what he likes to do in high school and what he wants to do as an adult. Mr. Dennis also has a daughter named Hope at age 9. She was nice too and very good on the piano. The two of them got along very well. We then had some delicious spaghetti Mr. Dennis’s wife made. We played a little longer and then we left. It felt good as I lied down and went to sleep.

Maryland, Washington D.C. and Virginia

Jan 12
For a while we postponed school. We went to all kinds of fun places. The first place we went to was the Moran’s house. There were two kids who are friends Robby and I used to play with. One was in eighth grade named Charlie. He was really nice and told us all about Disney World. I can’t wait ‘till I get there! The next boy’s name was Josh and he was about a year younger than me. He was very nice and showed us all kinds of cool games on the computer. We had a great time and had some awesome pizza that night, and when we got home we were as tired as ever.
The next day we had breakfast, got in the car, and prepared for a long drive. We were going to Washington DC! After a long drive we made it to “the” Lincoln Memorial! We saw him sitting down, like always, and then checked out “the” Washington Memorial! I could see the Reflecting Pond out the window at 555 ft and 3 in! I couldn’t believe it!
Next we went to the Air and Space Museum. We saw the real Wright brothers’ plane and the real first plane that broke the sound of speed and learned about all kinds of navy jets and other things. After that we packed up and retired for the night. The next day we went to the birth of America, in other words, Jamestowne, Virginia. We learned about how the British landed in America looking for gold, silver, tobacco and a pass to either China or India. I also learned about John Smith, Pocahontas, and the famous J.R. skeleton. It was really great, but the day wasn’t over yet!
After that we went to check out another museum called Williamsburg. We first went to the court room. I asked some questions and it turns out that the court house was run pretty much the same as today, except for the punishments. (Hint: outside there were two stalks, one for your hands and one for your feet).
The fun’s not over yet! We went to Mr. Doug and Ms. Michelle’s house. They have two really nice daughters and had a wonderful pork dinner with gravy and potatoes. We then drove to North Carolina and met some friends who we played with at the air and space museum near Dulles. We had a lot of fun with Ian, the oldest, Bemmy, the second oldest, Rexy, the second youngest, and T.T., the youngest. I also enjoyed talking to the parents, Mrs. Juliet and Mr. John. We also played with their friends Mark and Laura. I also joked around with Mr. Fred and Mrs. Janette. But now we even have to say goodbye to them as we set off once again. I’m not sure what awaits us next, but I’ll eventually find out and tell you later, bye!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Ft. Meade, Maryland

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! Sorry I’ve been so late. It’s just that Mom has been piling me up with SCHOOL. We got to squeeze in some fun things though. Let’s see. We went back to River Birch Court with Shane and Kira. We went to a couple fun museums, and we’ve got incredible Christmas presents. (We’ve also got wifi here for my new present.)
Let’s talk about Christmas. We arrived at our cousins’ house on Christmas Eve, went to a church ceremony and did all kinds of dart gun fights. The next day we woke up early and sat by the Christmas tree for hours, digging out our presents from under the Christmas tree. I found six (two from Santa, two from relatives and two from all the Besch children). When the parents came I had to wait youngest to oldest and I felt like I was about to have a panic attack! When it was my turn I tore up the 2 presents Santa brought me. When I finished one, I found that I got the thing I wanted. I tore open the other one and I got something I didn’t even ask for. I got an ipod touch and the other was a case for it. Robby got a laptop, Ben got a scooter and Sam got a toy loader. I got a book light, a dart gun from relatives, and a remote control boat. My cousins got a Mario cart for wii.
We next went to a roller blading rink and got breakfast at midnight for New Year’s Eve! We went to a decoding museum and saw a copy of the Rosetta Stone. Soon after that we went to an air and space museum. Did you know that the Blackbird (the fastest plane in the world) grows 4 in. while flying? Amazing isn’t it? We watched a movie there called fighter pilot with our cousins and dad’s college friend.
Now we go on runs and as I said earlier, do LOTS of SCHOOL! See you later!