Monday, July 27, 2009

West Sand Lake, New York

We found home! Yeah! It’s in upstate New York! We are going to live in my Uncle Fred’s house, only about a mile from the farm!

Now I’m going to have to talk about this whole trip. It was a great idea, but I really don’t think I could’ve lasted any longer. My favorite place is probably Key West, because of the snorkeling, and then Frost Point, Canada. If anyone were to ask me what my favorite part in the RV is, I would probably answer using the bathroom at sixty miles an hour.

Uncle Eric and his family came down and dropped off some horses and then stayed for a couple of days. We will be in Frost Point, Canada in a couple of days and then wait for the people who are renting Uncle Fred’s house to move out. This is my last blog entry. School was demanding and I wouldn’t want to do another year of it. Bye.

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