Friday, October 31, 2008

Oct 29

Rhode Island was very fun. We went on a 2 ½ mile long walk called Cliff Walk. Robby and I jogged in front. When we got to the end, I found out Dad had to run back. I ran with Dad and for the next 4 days my legs ached whenever I even power-walked!
The next day, we got to Mystic Seaport, CT. Mystic Seaport is a museum where we went on docked boats, saw a blacksmith at work, went to a printing shop, and met a boy named David. We went to the park and had a lot of fun.
That night we parked in an RV parking lot at West Point, put up the beds, and fell asleep. The next morning we got in our rain jackets and rain pants and went to watch a football game in the rain. We went to a parade, and then watched the football game. The Army beat Louisiana Tech 14 to 7! We stayed two more days. One of them I almost broke Robby’s ankle, but instead he sprained it very badly. (If you want to hear more about it, go to Robby’s blog.) We also bumped into some people with the name of The Johnson’s. They have 2 kids, one is Bradley and the other is Noel. COL Johnson gave us a tour of West Point. We went to the hall of fame, a lacrosse field, and the main weight room.
Then we went to a campground called Round Pond. We stayed there for two days. The first day was school, and the second was half school. Then we went in a paddle boat! We went to a rock in the middle of the pond, then on a dock on the other side of the pond.

Oct 22:
Hola! My Dad bought me a system called Rosetta Stone, so I’m getting active in Spanish. I’m learning so when we get to Mexico I’ll be able to interact with them. Anyway, when I was leaving Vermont, it was only a 2-hour drive but it felt like a whole day!
When I got to my Poppa’s farm in New York, I had to wait for my cousins to get home from school! I was so impatient! When my cousin Tucker finally came home, he showed us the garage, the barn loft, the tree house, and the chickens. My favorite was the barn loft. We brought scooters and skateboards up there and swept the floor clean so it would be smooth riding. After that we hiked all over the farm with the wheel barrow and picked up every wooden board we could find.
After that, when we had a wheelbarrow full of boards, we all went to work. We took the board and set it up so we could make a jump. We caught some air off the jump, and then collapsed in the hay pile.
It took a long time for that to get old, but when it did, we packed our knapsack high and started to hike up the hill in the pitch black night. When we got to the top, we started unpacking our tents. We finished one for Ben, Sam, and Tucker’s little sister, Avery.
We started unpacking our tent just to find out we forgot the tent poles! That night, Robby, Tucker and I slept under the stars. For the next week or so, we fed the chickens, did some school, and then played with Tucker and Avery. One time, we had to haul a bunch of logs from one place to another. We caught salamanders and a snake in the process. It was hard work, but we got to watch a semi-pro hockey game.
Another time my Dad found a mouse that climbed up on the tractor and was too scared to get down. It stayed up there for hours, till I caught him in a jar. When I examined him, I found out that his front paw was wounded.
After a couple weeks, it was time to leave. It was hard but when we did, we were on the road again. About 30 minutes down the road, we saw a car contest/show. N They were old and new, and down on the other side of the field there was a snow machine going across a pond. We pulled over, looked at some cars, then went over to the pond and saw Robby and Sam running over yelling, “The snow machine sunk!” So we ran over and found the driver swimming out, shivering like crazy.
Soon a truck drove up with a towing rope and the snow machine driver had to swim back in and connect the towing rope to the snow machine. The snow machine driver said the pond was iced over that morning too. I know it might not sound much for the people back in Alaska but you should have seen him! He went in, put it on, and everyone cheered! The truck started going and they pulled up an empty hook. The driver stared open-mouthed at that hook for at least a minute, then picked it up and walked in a 2nd time. This time he got lucky and the truck pulled the snow machine up with ease.
So the driver went to work on it, checked the engine, and no water was in the gasoline tank! After a couple jerks on the starter cord, it came to life! The driver was overjoyed and we went to check out some more cars. My favorite was a truck that was so low, it was resting on the ground. When the driver turned it on, he would pick it up a little before he drove.
We got back in the RV and started driving to my Grandma’s little brother’s house for dinner. In about an hour, we stopped and unhooked the SUV. After that we met the hosts and had some delicious spaghetti. After the dinner we played some and had fun finding bikes and shooting BB guns. Ben even took a swim in a pond that was iced over that morning. After that we were in the RV going on to Boston, the capital of Massachusetts.
The next day we were off to Boston. We went to Quisno’s, the Freedom Trail, Paul Revere’s house, and for the highlight of the day the fountain! There was a fountain on some cement, with water spouting up, and when the water was down, we printed across. It was loads of fun. Sam got blasted, and Ben got soaked. Robby got hit, but I stayed dry. That was a great day. The next day we made our way to Newport, Rhode Island.

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