Monday, November 24, 2008

New York and Maryland Nov 17

Nov 17:
After awhile of driving, we came across a big, beautiful house owned by a nice family by the name of the O’Neil’s. That night we had a great dinner of spaghetti and we watched “Shrek the Third.”
The next morning our family loaded in the SUV and took off to Manhattan. We bought some bus tickets, and drove to the Empire State Building. Did I mention about how I almost broke Robby’s foot? Well, that day Robby was on crutches. A man said that it was about an hour’s wait to go up to the top of the Empire State Building. But then he saw Robby on his crutches and since he was “handicapped” he turned it into a 5 minute wait. In no time we got to the top of the Empire State Building and were outside, seeing the view. We could see anything in Manhattan you wanted to see. After that we took various stops, but the second highlight was going on a water taxi and checking out the Statue of Liberty! It was so big, and its toe was as large as 11 people!
After that fabulous day, we went back, said goodbye, and arrived at our cousins’ house before Halloween. We all got in some costumes. Sam was a banshee, Ben a pirate, Robby was a reaper thing, and I was a car crash victim. The best costume on the street was my uncle. He got in big, black polypro, got a 12 foot stick, put foil on it to make it look like a scythe, got on some stilts, and he was a death angel like the Grim Reaper, about 12 feet high!
We stayed about two more weeks. We went to a Boy Scout lock-in. We went into a scout house, got all the doors locked, and stayed up all night playing video games and dart gun fights.
After that we went to a place where I used to live for five years! We played and had fun with our friends for three days. The people who I liked to hang out with were named Kira, Shane and Scott. I played a lot with them and it was very generous of Kira’s parents to let us park in their driveway. After a while we had to leave. It was hard to say goodbye again. But I’m also looking forward to our next adventure. We are going to Europe on a military flight! I’ll tell you about it when I get there. Bye!

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