Friday, December 19, 2008

Back in the USA

6 Dec - Another very, very long plane ride. I got to watch one movie, play on my dad’s computer a little, and then I was bored the rest of the way to the U.S. It was very boring, but I survived. When we walked out of the airport, we heard some cheering. When we got outside, we saw dozens of people holding up signs, cheering for the soldiers. I was a little embarrassed since I wasn’t a soldier, but I thought it was great that people would enjoy the night cheering for the soldiers coming back from Iraq instead of doing something else like work or video games. When I got home I set up the bedding and crashed for the night. The next day we got up at 6:00 because my body was used to Europe’s time zone. We got dressed, ate breakfast did some school, and by 1:00 we would take a day trip to our old house. I couldn’t wait!


Mintun/Brown said...

Will, This is Riley.Thanks for your blog address.I just finished reading it.Yove sure gone to a lot of places!I sent you a post card this week,you should be geting it soon. Bye

The Besch Family said...

Hi Riley, this is Will. Thanks for emailing me. My email is Please use that instead of posting on the web because I'll read it quicker. What is your email address? My mom has yours but whenever we try to email you it bounces back. Oh, feel free to give oure website and email to friends. See ya'!