Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Key Largo, Florida

March 18
We got to the Keys and immediately got our snorkels out. Then we rented fins and started at the beach. Even there we saw parrot fish and we even saw a barracuda. I didn’t know it was a barracuda, so I chased it all over the shallow beach water. After that we went home and did some school, then went over to a boat so we could snorkel at a reef. It took a good half-hour to get there, but it was worth it. When you were above the water it was beautiful and bright, bright blue. But when you jumped in, it was something else.

The first thing I saw was a conch shell, and even though you weren’t supposed to, dad picked up a conch shell and flipped it over. It was white and hard, and rough on the outside, but on the inside it was orange and pink and very beautiful. We saw all different kind of schools on Grecian Reef. There I could see barracudas the size of me, and parrot fish as colorful as a rainbow. I saw lots of dark green brain coral and now I know why they call it that. We saw a stingray and some people even saw an eel. It took another half hour to get back and now we are going to the next Key. Later!

March 16
We stayed at the campground for a while, and then went to another one called C.B. Smith near Miami. It was a great park also. We got electricity, water, and we could dump all the crap we made. We also went golfing a lot.

One day we went down to South Beach and boy you should see the girls there!! Anyway, we met some of my uncle’s friends named Mrs. Judy and Mr. Pascal. They have two great kids named Luc and Lea (Like star wars!) Luc was 7 and Lea was 4. They were really nice and were fun to hang out with at the beach. After they left, we took a walk through the city and every third car was a mustang, or a porch, or mercedes! It was amazing!

After that night we went to another very hospitable person’s house, named Col. Tio. He was my dad’s boss back in his military days. He has a beautiful house with a swimming pool and cold Jacuzzi. Col. Tio also has a very nice wife named Mrs. Sol. Then their grand kids came and we got to play with them too! We had a great dinner and I loved the plantains.

After that we went to Mrs. Judy’s and Mr. Pascal’s house. They too had a beautiful house with a swimming pool, and they gave us lunch and some snorkeling gear for the Keys. Now we are driving to the Keys. See ya’LJ

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It is such a pleasure reading your blog! I am most impressed with your descriptive language and vocabulary. Keep up the great job!
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