Saturday, March 28, 2009

Key West, Florida

We found a nice RV area called Sigsbee. It is very cheap, nice and we are right on the Gulf of Mexico. We’ve done a lot in the 8 days we stayed here. For instance, once dad rented a boat and drove ten miles out to Sand Key. I got my snorkel and my fins on and hopped in. The water was great, but it was really deep. I swam in toward the lighthouse a little more and then everything came up. I saw the coral, the fish, the schools, everything. There were Squirrel Fish, French Angelfish, and Barracudas too. It was beautiful.

Another time we went on a bike ride to a state park. It was sweet snorkeling off the beach because there was a whole school of minnows. After that we got to ride down a bike path and see what I would call silly. It was “art” as mom called it. There were huts made out of salt, and boat rudders sticking out of the ground. If you ask me though, the washed-up coral on the beach was cooler to look at. Then we watched the sun set and went home.

The next day we went to the southernmost point in the United States. We took some pictures there, and then went to Mel Fisher’s Museum. Mel Fisher is a guy who found a sunken Spanish ship with 300 mil dollars inside of it. It talked about how he hung in there and kept looking even when no one could find it.

Then we went to Mallory Square. There were all kinds of different street performers….ones with 15 foot unicycles, ones juggling 5 lit torches, and my favorite, there was one who juggled a machete, hand grenade, and a running chainsaw! Then he lay down on a real bed of nails! Just yesterday we went to a roller-blading rink and played street hockey. Later!

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