Thursday, June 4, 2009

Iowa and Liberty, Missouri

June 2, 2009

We drove a long while in our coach, and finally stopped at an ice rink in a huge mall in Iowa! We skated there and ate while my dad got the RV in a campground. We spent the night at that campground and the next morning went on a jog. It was a great campground with wifi and awesome landscaping. Afterwards we packed up and drove to the Conge’s house.

The Conges are really nice people who I played with when I was a baby. The parents, Mr. Mike and Mrs. Susan, were very hospitable and let us have three sleep over’s in a row with their children, Mac, who I used to play with at a very early age, and Christine, who was Robby’s friend when young. We played outside and went jogging with their yellow lab, Duke and liked to play on their trampoline.

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Chris said...

Hey Will, sounds like your doing some really awesome stuff. Hope you guys are all doing okay.