Friday, June 19, 2009

Leavenworth, KS and Colorado Springs, CO

June 9
We drove a while and finally arrived at a campground in Leavenworth, Kansas. We felt a little unsafe there because there was a huge jail. There were lots of bums scattered around the campground, and since there is a jail, there are prisoner’s families there. We locked everything up and went to the house of my best friend in Texas, Olivia Galvin. Mr. and Mrs. Galvin were truly kind and hospitable, and Olivia has a 14 year-old sister named Shelby. We had a wonderful meal of ham, corn, beans and lemonade. We played with them for a long time outside and I loved the REC room. We had a sleepover and stayed up playing games like Guitar Hero and Mario Brawl.
The next day we were all walking to the park together and I almost stepped on a little bird. It didn’t look injured, but it seemed to me that he jumped out of his nest a little too soon. We caught and fed him and soon he wasn’t scared of us at all. We were going to the museum, so we put him in their garden and told him to stay and then walked around town. We saw the Missouri River and went to the Ft. Leavenworth Museum. We saw mountain Howitzers that they pack on three mules, the fire cart, the police cart, weapons back then and a whole bunch more. We walked back, Olivia telling us about Suicide Hill and how great sledding there is in the winter, and we came back and our little bird was sitting just about where it was before! We played a little longer together and then said goodbye. I didn’t want to leave, but I had to.

We drove a long way, through lots of wheat fields, and finally arrived in Colorado!! We then drove through lots of farmland and saw lots of ranches (which I would be overjoyed to live at) and arrived at the Air Force Academy RV camp. We did some school and called it a night. The next couple of days we did school at the library, and then we got a visit from the Baileys, our great friends that we had back in Alaska. We played cops and robbers in the woods for a couple of hours, then, just like in the movies, crossed a huge log that just happened to be right across the river. We walked to a little sign on the other side of the river saying “Treasure Island, STAY AWAY!” Naturally, as Besches, we of course didn’t stay away and instead explored the place until we got hungry and went home for sausages. We went to a park afterwards and had to share it with some real crud that cussed every other sentence. We said goodbye and see you again to the Bailey’s, and went to sleep.

It turned out that another one of our Alaskan friends was preaching at a church nearby. We packed up and soon were on the road, driving to the church. About an hour later we were at the church listening to Mr. Gene Raiford preaching about how we change so much. It was great and at the end we were downstairs chatting with Mr. Gene and his wife, Ms. Ronda. I met a man who could rock on the guitar, and he taught me some basics on the guitar like a G, E, E minor, C, F, D, A, and A minor. It was really great and I’m probably going to start practicing on and off.

After that we got back into the car and started driving to a ranch for the day. My dad worked with Mr. Roger about 17 years ago. He has a very kind wife named Ms. Sue and we went to work building a garden in their back yard. First we took some BIG logs and put them into Mr. Roger’s Bobcat and brought them to the will-be-garden. We took them and put them so it would make a rectangle shape. Then we put down a screen on the bottom to keep the prairie dogs out and stapled it to the logs. Mr. Roger then, (with Sam driving it) brought fertile soil to the garden and we started shoveling it in there. We then leveled it and planted strawberry plants!

We then got to drive his four wheeler, his bobcat, and one of his two horses named Dusty! We had an awesome dinner where all he did was take the pot of shrimp, sausage, corn and potatoes, and literally dumped it on the table. It was a remarkable dinner because you couldn’t not make a mess! It was great!

We went back to our cozy little home for the night. The next day we went to visit more friends! These were Alaskan friends. We lived right next door from them for one year in Alaska. Colonel Bowen was nice and funny and Ms. Kristin was very hospitable. Little 8-year-old Carmen was practically Sam’s best friend in Alaska. They had a retired Grey hound named Polly. We took her for a run in their back yard and it was the fastest dog I ever saw! We played with Carmen and had more dinner! I swear, we could easily live off of our friends’ dinners. Bye!

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