Friday, January 23, 2009

Maryland, Washington D.C. and Virginia

Jan 12
For a while we postponed school. We went to all kinds of fun places. The first place we went to was the Moran’s house. There were two kids who are friends Robby and I used to play with. One was in eighth grade named Charlie. He was really nice and told us all about Disney World. I can’t wait ‘till I get there! The next boy’s name was Josh and he was about a year younger than me. He was very nice and showed us all kinds of cool games on the computer. We had a great time and had some awesome pizza that night, and when we got home we were as tired as ever.
The next day we had breakfast, got in the car, and prepared for a long drive. We were going to Washington DC! After a long drive we made it to “the” Lincoln Memorial! We saw him sitting down, like always, and then checked out “the” Washington Memorial! I could see the Reflecting Pond out the window at 555 ft and 3 in! I couldn’t believe it!
Next we went to the Air and Space Museum. We saw the real Wright brothers’ plane and the real first plane that broke the sound of speed and learned about all kinds of navy jets and other things. After that we packed up and retired for the night. The next day we went to the birth of America, in other words, Jamestowne, Virginia. We learned about how the British landed in America looking for gold, silver, tobacco and a pass to either China or India. I also learned about John Smith, Pocahontas, and the famous J.R. skeleton. It was really great, but the day wasn’t over yet!
After that we went to check out another museum called Williamsburg. We first went to the court room. I asked some questions and it turns out that the court house was run pretty much the same as today, except for the punishments. (Hint: outside there were two stalks, one for your hands and one for your feet).
The fun’s not over yet! We went to Mr. Doug and Ms. Michelle’s house. They have two really nice daughters and had a wonderful pork dinner with gravy and potatoes. We then drove to North Carolina and met some friends who we played with at the air and space museum near Dulles. We had a lot of fun with Ian, the oldest, Bemmy, the second oldest, Rexy, the second youngest, and T.T., the youngest. I also enjoyed talking to the parents, Mrs. Juliet and Mr. John. We also played with their friends Mark and Laura. I also joked around with Mr. Fred and Mrs. Janette. But now we even have to say goodbye to them as we set off once again. I’m not sure what awaits us next, but I’ll eventually find out and tell you later, bye!

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