Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Orlando, Florida

Feb 16
Two days ago we just hung out at our hotel with Alex, Sophia, Ms. Julia, and Mr. Matt. We had fun swimming, searching for chocolate, paddle boating, golfing, and playing tennis. That night we got some sweet magic presents and we will put them on our blog when we get good at them. It was really nice for them to get our hotel tickets and for coming. They sure made the park days a lot more fun. They left at 4:00 A.M. yesterday morning to go back to California.

That day wasn’t too sunny, and it was our last day at the park, so we went to Blizzard Beach. You might be thinking, “I wouldn’t go there on a cloudy day.” But that’s exactly why we went there. There were no lines at all! We did every single ride in less than an hour! It was great, but now we’re cruising down the highway to Cocoa Beach. We will also meet our Nana and Poppa in three days. I’ll tell you about it later, bye!

Feb 14
Yesterday we went to the Magic Kingdom and now we went to every single park! We did a lot of rides, but my favorite is still Space Mountain. If you forgot, you can read my last blog about the Magic Kingdom. We also went to the laugh floor, the haunted mansion, and Splash Mountain. We didn’t go to it’s a small world, strangely enough. We pretty much did everything we did last time. But soon Alex and Sophie are going to leave and right now we’re just hanging out for the day at our hotel. Later!

Yesterday we were going to Animal Kingdom, but Ben made a fight and lost, and then Mom said “Let’s do some school!” I didn’t like the idea that Sophie and Alex got to go there with their parents alone. School passed quickly though. And when they got back, we went to see Parker and Jackson! (They are my Alaskan friends.) Parker is age 8 and Jackson is age 6. They are both very fun to play with. Their parents, Mr. Hoselton and Mrs. Hoselton are very nice and Mr. Hoselton knows guitar. He writes his own music and sings it by himself. We stayed there till 10:30, and then went home and fell asleep. Today we are going to Magic Kingdom with Alex and Sophie. See you next time!

Blizzard Beach was my favorite place yet. The first thing we did was run to Summit Plummet. Summit Plummet is an almost straight-down drop and you go over 50 miles per hour! You go so fast, you can’t even see your own feet! After that we did the lazy river, and then did all kinds of other cool rides.

Alex is really nice and likes to do outside things. Sophie is almost exactly like Alex, except Alex likes video games a little more. Lucky for him, because we went to Disney Quest last night! He loved it. His and my favorite game is virtual boxing. Anyway, today is another park day. See you later!

Feb 12
Epcot was so cool. The first thing we did was go to innoventions. If I didn’t tell you before, innoventions is awesome because you could play with toys of the future! There is a game there where you get filmed running, jumping and doing your victory dance! It then transfers your data to an arcade game and you are inside a video game. Then we did a lot of things like mission space, space ship earth, Soarin’, and best of all, test track! You get in these vehicles and get to go at least 50 miles per hour! Then we went to world showcase! It was a radical day mostly because Sophie and Alex were with us. Today we are going to BLIZARD BEACH! Now my mom wants me to talk about this hotel, so I guess I have to. It has a very nice pool, great beds (compared to the RV.) and Sophie and Alex are right next to us ! it is perfect! I can’t wait to tell you about BLIZARD BEACH next time! See ya’!

Turns out we never got to Sea World. It was too expensive, so instead we went… diving at SkyVenture! That was really fun. We went into a big wind tunnel and watched some people go sky diving. It was awesome watching them sky dive. I couldn’t wait till it was my turn! We met our teacher, named Angel, who taught us everything we needed to know. Then we got on our gear, which included a helmet, a suit, and a pair of goggles, and went sky diving! It was totally sweet!

After that we went to a radio station. Mr Mike, my dad’s friend, has a wife, Mrs. Cyndi. She works at the radio station and said she would give us a tour. So we went there next and got a good tour about how a radio station works.

After that we went to a hotel pool. We could see the Magic Kingdom straight ahead so we could see the fireworks when they went off that night. It also had an awesome pool. We also met some of my mom’s friends named Anne and Jim.

Next we went to Epcot. We did a couple of rides like Mission Space and Soarin’ but we mostly did the world showcase. My favorite place in the world show case is China. We watched these astonishing acrobats and saw an amazing movie about China.

The next day we went to a hotel that Julia, my Mom’s best friend in college paid for. We moved the RV to a parking lot, went to the pool for a couple of hours, then moved everything to our “so called room” which took a couple of hours. Then few ound out that this was the wrong room! It was very annoying. But that night we saw Alex and Sophie, Mrs. Julia and Mr. Matt.

Yesterday we went to Holly wood Studios. It was so cool. We went to all the rides like the rock and roller coaster, the great movie ride, star tours, and toy story mania. We also watched things like Fantasmic, Indiana Jones, and my favorite: Lights, Motors, Action! We got to watch all kinds of stunts like catching on fire and falling 2 stories. It was so cool! Today we are going to Epcot with everyone! Bye!

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