Friday, February 6, 2009

Florida State Parks and MacDill Air Force Base

The first campground I went to was okay. All we did there was school. We went to a beach there, but it was like 40 degrees and super windy. I know it sounds kind of crazy, but I felt that I needed to go farther south!
After that we went to Henderson State Park. We did some school, went to the beach, did some school and went to a place called the Nature Trail. That was okay also. We went swimming at another beach, put on our sandy, wet clothes, and biked back for the night.
Saint Andrews was great. Sure we had a lot of school time, but we also got a lot of beach time. The waves there were great. They were HUGE! We played there all the time. We bought two boogie boards and a skim board and then had a bundle of fun.
The next spot was Manatee springs. It was a spring where wild manatees come. We got to swim in there while the manatees weren’t there. We saw one manatee, but it was very vague and we could barely see it.
Then we drove down to the Homosassas Park. It was called a park, but it was really a zoo. We saw some domesticated manatees at a good view and got to see some wild ones also. After that we checked out all the other animals and then befriended some of the locals. They told us that if we got to the river from behind we could probably get swim with the manatees. So we got our boat, our swimsuits and I got my snorkel gear and we swam with some wild manatees! I even rode one!
After that we hopped down so we were north of Tampa and stayed at a cute little campground with a ultra-warm swimming pool. Guess what I did there? That’s right MORE SCHOOL!!!!!!! But we did have some fun swimming in the 80 degree swimming pool and meeting my aunt’s dad.
Then we bounced on over to MacDill air force base. There we dry camped, finished our tests, and visited dad’s friend, col. Paul. He had a beautiful house, a swimming pool and an awesome cat the size of a sheep dog! We also visited another of my dad’s friend who used to work at Texas with my dad. He had a nice house and 4 sweet puppys.
We arrived at Disney World yester day and spent the whole day at it doing every single ride at the magic kingdom. I’m so excited! I’m finally at the Disney World! My favorite ride yet in Disney World was the Space mountain. It’s all dark and you just go screaming trogh it, the only thing you can hear is screams! Later!

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