Friday, February 6, 2009

We're finally at Disney!

After the magic kingdom we did more school. But the next day we met Sam’s best friend from Alaska! his name is Chance and Sam was thrilled to see him. The next day we went to animal kingdom. It was very fun we saw lots of wild animals on Safari, saw tough to be a bug, and Everest Expedition.
It was awesome, and it had a story to it. You’re going through the Himalayas on a train to get to Everest. No big deal, right? But then rumors break out about the yeti. We climb up a hill and… …wow! There is a broken track! Then all of a sudden, we start going backwards! We are going full speed backwards. When we stop we see a shadow of him destroying the track and then full speed forward! By the time it comes to a stop you are panting hard and it feels like you are sweating also.
That day, Sam went to a sleepover and we went to Disney Quest! Disney Quest is 5 floors of free arcade games! It was awesome! My favorite ride was an arcade game where you go around the world in a jeep and capture animals. The next couple of days we did school because my neck popped! It hurt so badly if I moved my foot my neck will hurt! But today we’re going to Sea World. Bye!

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