Wednesday, May 13, 2009


May 9
There was a good three hour drive we went on, and then found a navy base where we stayed. My dad went to a wind convention. While he was there, we got to do school! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh! We did have fun breaks though. There were hills we could play on and when we finished we could go to the library, which had wifi, and the bowling alley! So the days weren’t very boring.
One day we went to a Harry Potter Exhibit in Chicago. It was very cool. There were the actual suits that people in the movies wore, and the actual wands they used! They had the sorting hat and all the beasts in Harry Potter. They even had moving pictures! Then we went to another great museum with all kinds of things like electric cars and dancing robots. They talked a lot about conserving energy from cars to cow crap.
After that we went to the wind convention and met up with Dad. We got to see more alternative energy ideas. Funny thing is, when we just moved from Alaska a wind company moved up there. There were booths about wind sensors, booths about wind mill transportation, there were some booths about new ideas like plopping a windmill on a truck and sending it down the highway. It was great, especially the trinkets! There was candy, stress balls, even boomerangs! It was great.

After that, my dad met up with some guys and mom and the rest of us got to go to a park. There was a huge fountain; we got to have ice-cream too. After that exciting day, we are now going back to Newmar! We will visit the very nice shop keeper who gave me a pocket watch. Mrs. Sara is coming too. Byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

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