Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Nappanee, Indiana

May 16
We went on to Mrs. Marlene and Mr. Larry’s house for dinner on Monday night. They have two very nice children named Keri, age 10, and Michael, age 14. They also have a dog named Sparky, very energetic, a pony named Beauty, a pony named Princess, and a horse that I don’t know the name of. We had great pasta salad, noodles, meatloaf, and mashed potatoes with gravy. For dessert we had pecan pie, rhubarb pie, and my favorite, peanut butter pie! I swear, she could make a living off of selling her food! Then we played with Michael and Kerry, and I got to drive a miniature buggy pulled by Princess! We then said goodbyes and thank you’s and left.

The next day we came home from a full school day at the library and saw a dad and a son unhitching the car to the RV next to us. Robby went over to them and introduced himself to the about twelve-year-old. It turns out that they were doing the same exact thing we are. Mr. Wahl and Mrs. Wahl have two boys and one girl. The twelve-year-old is named Joe and is the best with a BB gun. The second is named Anna in fourth grade and she is a crack shot with the bow and arrow. And the little 7-year old is named Sam and is great with my pistol. (If you are getting bored of this site, the Wahl’s have a blog too. There are two sites. The main one is called http://web.me.com/wahlsacrossamerica/ . The second is called http://moaablogs.org/wahlfamily/ .) They own a more expensive All Star RV than ours. They even have DVD players connected to their beds! We played fireworks, did homeschooling together, and all kinds of things.

Later we went to Amish Acres and had delicious ham and mashed potatoes, and mouth watering chicken and great roast beef. Then I had more peanut butter pie! Afterwards we watched a play about a boyfriend and girlfriend from New York going to a little Amish country town because the man, named Mr. King, has some land that he wants to sell. Down in the Amish country, a lady named Katie, is getting married to a person she doesn’t want to get married to. It is a funny, funny play and teaches you about the Amish life. Right now I am in the library, daydreaming about how we will set up the tents and have a sleep over this night! See Ya’!

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