Monday, November 24, 2008

Germany Nov 21

The plane ride to Ramstein, Germany was OK. I watched a couple movies and then tried to go to sleep. But the truth is I never go to sleep on plane rides. I don’t because everything is so amazing to me.
When we landed, we got off the plane and went through customs. After that we waited at USO for a couple hours and I played XBox the whole time.
My Dad rented an awesome van that could hold 9 people! The gas mileage was still better than our SUV! Anyway, we got in the car and made some stops. Then we went to a hotel. I watched some hockey and then went to sleep.
The next day, we drove into Heidelberg, parked the van, and took a walk into a huge castle. We took a tour of the castle. Everything was great to me except one thing. Hundreds of years ago people found it stylish to raise animals, and when they were grown, the people would lock the animals in the moat and “daring, brave” men would go down and hunt the ferocious animals. The women would be above cheering them on.
Now we’re going to another country called Luxembourg, near Germany.
I forgot to mention our great friend, Mrs. Karin. She had a BBBBBBBBBBBBIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGGGGGGGGGGG, beautiful house with 4 floors, a swimming pool, an elevator and you could go on the roof. We had a lot of fun in the swimming pool, talked some, and had a super fun time eating great bread and ham from the Black Forest.

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