Sunday, November 30, 2008

Luxembourg, Belgium, and Holland Nov 25

Next we went to Trier. The first stop we made was a HUGE rock tower built in 300 B.C., called Porta Nigra. It went very high and had a lot of history to it. That night we went to a place called a Youth Hostel. A Youth Hostel is a place for college students with not a lot of money.
After the HUGE Porta Nigra, we were famished and wanted something to eat. So we went over to the town square and found some people singing a German song. We found a restaurant close by and I ate something fantastic called a Giro (Hero). It is a kind of meat (I had pork) and white sauce put in some bread. It was great and the music was fun too.
The next day I went to a city called Luxembourg, in a country called Luxembourg. It had gigantic walls made at around 900 AD. Everyone fought over Luxembourg: Spain, Austria, France, and Holland….over 1 town! We think it’s because of its roads. Luxembourg had very good highways.
Sam and Ben also wanted to go to a pirate ship park (as they call it). I have to admit though, it was pretty fun.
After that, we went to a new country called Belgium. First, we went and got a hotel. We found it in a city called Mons. That night we took a walk to the town square. We were very lucky because there was a carnival. We walked around but didn’t do anything. When we were about to leave I spotted a BB gun booth. So I went over, my Dad paid and I hit every single target with “deadly accuracy” (as I call it).
The next day, we drove by an amazing cathedral. When we went inside, there were statues everywhere you could look. They were made out of alabaster marble. It was very beautiful.
After that we drove to another city called Brussels. When we first drove into Brussels, we came across a flea market. A flea market is a place where you can get things for a super cheap price. We parked the car and went out for awhile. When we came back, I had a warm coat, my Mom bought a hat, scarf, and pair of socks. Ben got a sweater and Sam got a sweatshirt and we all had new gloves. After awhile of running around like some helpless mice, we came across a little statue of a peeing boy as a fountain.
Next, we came across a very colossal place called the Grand Place. When you go and see it though, you’ll know why they called it The Grand Place. Everywhere you look, you see 100 statues at least! When we were leaving, we could go up and rub a low relief of Christ. It is supposed to give you good luck.
The next day we arrived in a different city called Mechelen. We went to a toy museum. The first floor had mostly dolls. The second was tin soldiers and trains. The third floor had Legos. I liked the tin soldiers the most. They were even educational. They taught me what happened in Waterloo.
The Legos were amazing too. They had a life size lego statue of Hagrid in Harry Potter. His beard even had different colors!
The only good thing about the youth hostel was the shower. But we couldn’t take one because we had no towels! There were 6 mattresses strewn across the room. But we still slept on them.
The next day we took a long drive and ended up at a city called Soust, Holland. It had a pool table and we got very good over the next two days.
The next day, we packed up some rain clothes and walked to the train station. We were going to a place called Amsterdam. First of all Amsterdam is not a regular city. Number 1, it has marijuana in “coffee shops.” Number two, it allows something called the Red Light District. I shouldn’t tell you what that is. It’s inappropriate. When we got to Amsterdam, the first thing we saw was a person with an amazing yoyo thing. Then we went to a museum about a person named Anne Frank. She was a Jew. When the Germans attacked, she and seven other people hid in the back of one of their friend’s houses for two years. Then the Germans found her and her family and friends, and she died one month before the war ended. People found the diary she kept and it’s been published all around the world. People found out how wrong it was.
Then we walked around a little, and then we went to a boat tour. It showed us a lot of canals and a drawbridge so perfectly balanced that the bridge drawers could lift it with a finger.
After that, we tried to get to another flea market but it turned out that it was closed. So we started wandering around town a little and my Dad walked through the Red Light District.
We got back to the hotel and went to sleep. Now after about 6 hours of driving, we’re in Paris! I can’t wait to tell you about it later. Bye!

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