Sunday, November 30, 2008

Paris Nov 28

I got a great dinner of lasagna and then an almost perfect night of sleep at an, okay (worst one yet) hostel. The next day we took a walk to a metro system. When I got into the metro, we were packed so tight that if I lifted my legs off the ground it would take about 5 seconds for me to hit the ground. We got off at the Arch of Triumph. It was built by Napolean in the early 1800’s to commemorate his Armies. It has plaques for other wars too, like World War I and II. They added the flame to remember all the soldiers who died in World War I.

Next we got off at the Louvre Museum. I went inside and it was breath taking art. I saw Winged Victory, Venus de Milo, and Mona Lisa. We also saw a lot of other miraculous art like Hercules fighting a dragon, Spartans wrestling and killing a deer, a lot of pictures and sculptures with people’s privates exposed. After that we went to the information booth to meet one of specifically, Robby, my parents’ and my friend, Yolanda.
When I was about two and Robby 3, Yolanda watched over us. So we spent the day with Yolanda and her friend David. I had a magnificent time with them and I can’t wait until I go to Spain with her for a whole two weeks. We had lunch together, saw Notre Dame Cathedral, an astounding cathedral with over one hundred sculptures carved in one doorway. There were three doorways. How could anyone make that?! We also went to THE Eiffel Tower at night (except Yolanda and David weren’t with us because they already went there.) The view was amazing. Then we went and had dinner with Yolanda and David and Ben choked. But he’s okay now. We just now were driving for a LONG time to Macon to visit some friends that my mom lived with back in her college days. Bye!

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